The Weekenders
Shoes of Destiny
Season 1, Episode 2A
Original Airdate March 4, 2000
Written by Doug Langdale
Directed by Steven Lyons
Episode Guide
Grow Up
Sense and Sensitivity
Shoes of Destiny is the 'A' part of the second episode of Season 1 of The Weekenders. It was paired with "Sense and Sensitivity and originally aired on March 4, 2000.

Summary Edit

Carver has always wanted to be popular, though despite his best attempts, he could never manage to get noticed. The gang decides to help Carver study Brie and Colby, two of the popular kids, in order to help him be more like them, in hopes that it will improve his chances of becoming popular.

Plot Edit

Carver gets the guys to study the cool kids Brie and Colby to find out what makes a cool kid cool. After following them around, he decides that clothing is what makes someone cool. He then buys one of the top shoes on the market, and when the cool kids notice and then accept him, he becomes cool. His friends are happy for him, but when they realize that they have just lost their friend, they feel sad. Carver enjoys being with the cool kids at first, but when they try mocking his old friends, he chooses to leave the cool kids and return to his slightly-less-cool friends.


  • Brie and Colby are both types of cheese.

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