There are multiple running gags throughout The Weekenders:

  • The constantly changing names and themes of the Pizza Place
  • Lor's uncountable gaggle of brothers (somewhere between 12 -16).
  • Tino's mom serving 'health' food of varying levels of edibility.
  • Carver's bad penmanship.
  • Chloe Montez and her history of highly unfortunate and embarrassing moments.
  • Mrs. Katsufrakis' broken English and her reaction to someone correcting her broken English - "Is what I say!"
  • The gym teacher referring to something as "A kick in the pants."
  • Tino becoming glued to various objects, such as beach towels and trees.
  • Carver's obsession with shoes, style and coolness.
  • The inability to discern exactly what part of Europe Mr and Mrs Katsufrakis are from.
  • The museum's ongoing 'Food of the World' exhibit (and the guide who speaks in a droning monotone voice).
  • Frances, who loves pointy things.
  • Tino's face getting hit by a dodgeball.
  • The gym teacher answering the door in a robe or just a towel.
  • At the end of an episode (usually) Tino says "Later days!"

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