Mr. Higganbottom was the owner of the Strings N' Things music store. It was revealed in "Crushin' Roulette" that he was a Soviet spy who continued to spy even after the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991. He was later arrested and was never seen again for the remainder of the show. It can be assumed he was deported back to Russia.


  • He was the first adult Tish wanted to have a crush on but because of her staring at him, he called the natural security about him being a spy.
  • The Questions Lori asked him in "Crushin Roulette" hinted of what he did in the past
    • Question 1: Are you happy with your appearnce? (Meaning he had plastic surgery)
    • Question 2: do you enjoy travel? (Meaning he sometime visit his home country)
    • Question 3: What do you do if you had a $1 million dollars (meaning that he was paid to spy)
  • Goof: Even Though he doesn't appear in the show anymore, in "Lucky Shoes", he can be seen at the pizza parlor.