"Crush Test Dummies" is the first segment of the first episode of season one of The Weekenders and the first episode of the series. It premiered on February 26, 2000, on Kid's ABC with "Grow Up".


Lor wants to give herself a makeover to impress a boy she likes and needs Carver's help. But when Carver thinks that boy is him, he begins to ignore her.


The episode opens to Tino buying snacks from the Snack Shack for his friends and approaching his friends: Tish, Lor, and Carver who are waiting on a wall facing the beach. Tino hands them all Chug-a-Freezs and Lor comments he didn't ask what they wanted. Tino sarcastically replies, "Oh right, like I don't know what you want." He proceeds to hand out the snacks he got for them without complaints and states they are synchronized.

Later, at the mall, Tino and Carver decide they want to get chili cheese fries, and tell Lor and Tish to save the group a table. After they leave, Lor and Tish walk over to a table, and Lor spots Thompson Oberman, the guy she has a crush on. Lor explains to Tish that she 'has to make him love her'. Tish offers to help Lor get Thompson to notice her by suggesting giving Lor a makeover. Lor accepts the idea, and realizes Carver could help, as he is a 'fashion genius'. However, as Tino and Carver are approaching the table, they only overhear Lor say, "I need Carver. I have to make him love me!"

The two boys panic, believing the whole sentence was applied to Carver without knowing she was speaking about Thompson as well, since Lor's crush could change the group's dynamic. However, rather than discussing Lor's feelings with her, Carver chooses to ignore it until it goes away. This fails when Lor tells Carver she needs him, and frightened, Carver runs away. Tino follows shortly after failing to give Lor a good excuse as to why the two are shaken up. They've hidden in Tino's room where the two converse about the issue while Tino creates made-up data to show how the group's 'fun levels' will plunge because of Lor's crush.

That night during dinner, Tino confides with his mother about the problem. Ms. Tonitini tells Tino that Carver must talk to Lor about her feelings but Tino argues that Carver is a guy, and therefore, not likely to talk about his feelings. Ms. Tonitini counters that Carver ignoring the situation won't go away, but her words are ignored by Tino beng concern about what he's eating. When he learns it's squid, he leaves the dinner table.

The next morning, Tino finds Carver in his backyard and the latter admits he's in a panic spiral. Tino shares his mother's advice but Carver decides replacing Lor will be a better idea. Meanwhile, Lor is at Tish's house receiving a makeover from Mrs. Katsufrakis while Tish writes a poem for Lor to give to Thompson. To Lor's horror, Ms. Katsufrakis has given her the same makeover she wears. When she leaves the room, Lor removes her makeover. Tish then recites the poem she wrote, but Lor doesn't like it either. The two girls later go to the mall to try get a new outfit for Lor, but when Lor comes out from the dressing room, she is wearing the same exact clothes as Tish. Tish agrees the outfit is too classy for Lor.

The makeover is a failure so the girls then go to Funville to play pool. There, Lor decides she'll simply ignore Thompson when he approaches her, surprising her. He asks if her name is Lor and receives an unintelligible response from her. He then says he saw her play soccer and that she was good before leaving. Lor is upset she humiliated herself because her mouth stopped working, but Tish reminds her he complimented her soccer playing skills, meaning he likes her. Meanwhile, Carver and Tino are asking Ms. Tonitini to replace Lor in their group for a while but this only gets her mad, since he's willing to ruin his friendship with Lor to avoid speaking about his feelings. She leaves the garage angry, and Tino agrees with his mom by reminding Carver they are ignoring Lor because they don't the group to change, but not hanging around Lor will change things too.

The two boys appear at Funville, surprising the girls. Carver approaches Lor saying they need to talk and Lor agrees, saying she wants Carver to come to the mall with her. Carver is adamant they speak of their feelings first, confusing Lor when he confesses his fear of their relationship changing. Lor questions "how?" while Carver continues speaking. She then stops him, asking, "What are you talking about?" Carver realizes he was incorrect about Lor's crush and Lor realizes what he was implying as well. She begins to laugh at him, correcting him by saying he was a brother for her. Carver is embarrassed, and Tish offers him a game of pool, though it won't save his dignity.

Tino then speaks to the audience and admits he was at fault as well, since he shouldn't have believed Carver when he proclaimed Lor was in love with him. However, the group are still in-sync with each other which is proven by him ducking in time to avoid a ball Tish hit too hard. He concludes the episode by saying "Later days!"



  • Running gags:
    • "What am I eating here?": Squid
    • "Is what I say!" Fashion is misheard as fishin'
  • The episode's title is a pun from the band, Crash Test Dummies.
  • This episode's production code is '103', meaning it was the third episode to be produced.
  • Tino reveals he, Tish, Lor, and Carver have spent every weekend together since they were in first grade.
  • The scene of the four sipping their Chug-a-Freez at the beach is shown in the opening theme.
  • This is the first time Lor tries to get a makeover to impress Thompson. She successfully receives one in "Makeover", tries to change something about herself in "Brain Envy", and gives herself one again in "Tutor".
  • The scene of Carver freaking out in the mall is used in his character introduction in the opening theme.
  • In this episode, Tino doesn't want anyone to know he asked his mom for advice. In later episodes, he is open about it.
  • When Lor admits to Tish she doesn't like her poem, her shirt is colored all black instead of red.
  • The scene of Lor laughing at Carver is used in her character introduction in the opening theme.