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Full name: Chloe Elaine Rougier

Nationality: European

Age: 10

Family: Aunt Analie,Her Father,Mrs.Rougier,Monsieur Rougier,Gustave Rougier,Berlioz Rougier,Marie Rougier,Aunt Adelaide,Uncle Lumiere

Friends: Appoline Magemoutte,Martina Vezzali,Naomi Chua,Clarissa Chiang,Arapima Soraya,Yukari Hataru,Akari Hataru,Dao Fanliang,Dao Fanxing,Sanjay Bakth,Nishita Singh,Clarita Damasco,Jose Wellington,Lenka Wellington,William Wells,Joan Wells,Winston Gretterson,Coletta Wiles,Deirdra Barry,Priscilla Barry,Salou Barry,Robin Federer,Rosie Federer,Merida Deraffa,Haagen van Dasz,Hera van Dasz,Lieke van Hijk,Chris van der Wulp,Sofie van Houten,Silvia,Tasha Korosovka,Helen Reidschen,Sofia Martinez,Letitia Alani

Likes: Playing tricks on Gustave,The Eiffel Tower,Appoline,school,maths,geography,vacations,friends around the world,festivals,Valentine's Day,Colmar,Italy,pizza,spaghetti,fetucinni,Malaysia,Singapore,Thailand,Japan,China,The Great Wall,cute panda bears,India,Philippines,Australia,Sydney Opera House,koalas,kangaroos,United Kingdom (England),United States of America,South Africa,Switzerland,skis,Egypt,camels,The Netherlands (Holland),windmills,tulips,oliebol,Indonesia,Bali,Russia,Germany,Spain,rodeos,bulls,Portugal,Maidera Village

Dislikes: Gustave saying 'FUUUU!!!!' to her,neglected,being called La Fille Aime Pour Faire N'Importe Dans La Maison' (The Girl Who Loves To Make A Mess In The House),Martina calling her Il Problema Della Casa Dei Rougiers Dei' (The Trouble Of The Rougiers' House),Martina telling stories about Roman history,history,Egyptian pyramids,being called 'Troublemaker'

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