"Band" is the first segment of the fifth episode of season one of The Weekenders and the ninth episode of the series. It premiered on March 25, 2000, on Kid's ABC with "Sitters".


Carver lies that Chum Bukket will dedicate the show to him and his friends.


Tino greets the audience by introducing his favorite band: Chum Bukkit. He and his friends have won tickets to attend a secret all-age show at Club Carcass and are excited to see the band. The group then see Percy and Ruby walking by and greet them. Percy asks if they believe having tickets to Chum Bukkit makes them special and Carver responds that it does. The two then try to one-up each other on the Chum Bukkit merchandise they've won until Percy reveals that his uncle runs Club Carcass, which causes Carver to lie that Chum Bukkit will be dedicating the show to him and his friends.

The group are understandably angry at Carver for including them in his lie. Carver tells them not to worry and that he has a plan. They'll meet Chum Bukkit at a CD signing taking place at the mall and convince them to dedicate the show to them.

By the time the group arrive at the mall, a long line has formed making Lor believe that they'll never get in. Tish compliments the band on their beauty and asks if they're "glowing". Tino informs her that the band are under a skylight. Carver gets the idea to have the group climb to the mall's roof and surround the skylight, where he then writes the band a note and sends it down as a paper airplane. However, because Carver's penmanship is so bad, the singer of Chum Bukkit, Diz, reads his letter as nonsense that he believes might make a great song.

The band's bodyguard, Bison, arrives at the roof and the group leave to avoid further trouble. At the pizza parlor, they think they'll have to confess that Carver lied but Carver isn't ready to give up yet. He decides to find them at their hotel room next, and Tino decides that the band must be staying in the town's only fancy inn, the Bahia Marina Inn. When they fail to convince the hotel innkeeper to show them Chum Bukkit's room, they sneak into the laundry room and quickly find the band's room because Bison is standing outside the door.

As part of their new plan, they call room service for the band. Tish is writing the note this time but Carver messes up again when he tosses the note into the water pitcher. Once again, the letters appear as nonsense to Diz, although he likes the words and proclaims a poet must be following them. Again, Bison finds the group and has them leave the hotel.

That night while eating dinner with his mom, Tino asks if she can pose as a groupie and Ms. Tonitini learns what the group did. She shares her anecdote of doing the same thing. However, she admitted that she lied and was given a hard time, but it later blew over.

Having failed twice, the group hang out at Tino's house to watch a documentary while Lor and Tish discuss how to change their identities to avoid the upcoming embarrassment. Carver has a new idea, which is to meet the band at Club Carcass.

That night, the group stand in a crowd waiting for Chum Bukkit to arrive. When they do, Carver holds up a sign that attracts Diz's attention because of its familiarity. He concludes that Carver is the mystery poet and has the four of them be taken to the banquet. There, Diz explains to Carver that he has taken his "poems" and written them into songs. When Diz asks Carver what his secret to creating his words is, Carver confesses he's not a poet and reveals his group's predicament. He prepares to leave incase the band becomes angry for his lying, but Diz is glad to have a new song and not share royalties with Carver since he confessed he wasn't a poet.

Tino, Carver, Tish, and Lor join the crowd to watch Chum Bukkit's performance. Diz announces that they'll be dedicating the show to their new friends, but can't remember the group's names. Carver reassures them that he wrote down their names, but his bad penmanship backfires again and Diz reads the names incorrectly causing Percy and Ruby to tell the group, "The whole school is gonna hear about this on Monday!" Carver swears he will never lie again. The band then proceed to announce their new song. Tino, not wanting to miss the band's performance, quickly says "Later days!" to the viewers.