Bahia bay 01

Located in Southern California, Bahia Bay is the main setting of the show The Weekenders. The town is shown to be near a beach, and be a very warm area.

Throughout the show, there never seems to be a day during the school year that Tino isn't wearing a T-Shirt, therefore implying that Bahia Bay has a very warm climate.

As the show focuses on the life on four preteens, Bahia Bay's youth-friendly areas are the ones most touched upon. There is the beach which is mentioned and shown in multiple episodes, the Snack shack which is shown is the theme song and is along the beach and is known to be a popular hangout along the Pier, and Funville which is the arcade which is shown very often as a place that the four main characters visit to play pool and arcade games. The Pizza Parlor is another place in Bahia Bay, which is shown is every, or almost every, episode. The Pizza Parlor's theme will change with every episode, with the theme having somewhat a relation to the theme of the episode.

There are few landmarks, beyond these, the character's houses, and the school shown in Bahia Bay.


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